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Meet Our Trusted Team

Here at EnviroCon Termite and Pest Control, we only hire the best and most dedicated individuals in the industry. We employ experienced scientists and entomologists to ensure our customers receive the highest quality service possible in the Houston area. Get to know our team below and see who will be working hard to keep your home protected from pests!


Steve Durham

Meet the man in charge, our president, Steve! Steve has been in the pest control industry since he started EnviroCon in 1997. Along with more than 15 years of experience, Steve is a board certified entomologist,...Learn more

David Rice

VP and Co-Owner
At EnviroCon, there’s no pest problem too tough to handle! To develop a plan for the most involved jobs, EnviroCon relies on David. Raised in Beaumont TX, David learned the value of hard work in the rice fields. He...Learn more

Michelle Moncrief

Office Manager
To keep our office running, EnviroCon turns to Michelle! As the office manager, Michelle wears many different hats and can be found doing anything from accounting to customer service. The EnviroCon team considers her to...Learn more

Bracey Furr

Service Technician
Just as important as the products used to get rid of pests, is the expertise of the person using them. Meet Bracey! As an Associated Certified Entomologist, Bracey is an expert in providing residential and commercial...Learn more

Mark Smith

Pest Control Technician
Great results are made even better by great customer service! Mark joined EnviroCon in 2006 and specializes in pest management for residential and commercial customers. Beyond his technical skills, Mark is passionate...Learn more

George Johnson

Service Technician
Keeping up with new technology and methods is an important part of making sure that we provide our customers with the best service possible! As a pest technician here at EnviroCon, George spends his days working one on...Learn more

Haley Weaver

Customer Service Representative Lead
Meet Haley Weaver, a Customer Service Representative at EnviroCon! Joining the team in 2017, Haley spends her time delivering exceptional customer service to our customers and addressing their needs and concerns. Her...Learn more

Teresa Drake

Customer Service Representative
Meet Teresa Drake, a Customer Service Representative at EnviroCon! Joining the team in 2018, Teresa delivers outstanding customer service to our customers. Her favorite part of the job is the family-friendly atmosphere...Learn more

Kyle Weaver

Pest Control Technician
Meet Kyle Weaver, one of our Pest Control Technicians who joined the team at EnviroCon in 2018. As a pest control technician, Kyle visits our customers home's and helps them solve their bug problems. His favorite part...Learn more

Brandon Reeves

Pest Control Technician
Meet Brandon Reeves, one of our Pest Control Technicians. Brandon joined the team in 2017 and his favorite part about working at EnviroCon is meeting new customers and doing his part in helping the community. He strives...Learn more

Zach Archer

Pest Control Technician
Meet Zachary, one of our Technicians! Zachary takes care of our customers so they can have a good night of sleep. He joined the team in 2017 and says his favorite part about working at EnviroCon is the fun people he...Learn more


Duke joined EnviroCon in 2012! He’s 6 years old, but refuses to give us much information about his parents and siblings. Duke is an expert at detecting even the sneakiest pest! His hobbies include: fetching, laying,...Learn more