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Pest Control in Magnolia For Only $30/Month!

Your home should be your sanctuary. When pests invite themselves in, you start to feel uncomfortable in your own home. Let EnviroCon's exterminators kick pests to the curb and restore your peace of mind with our professional pest control in Magnolia.

Best Pest Control For Only $30/Month!

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Pest Control in Magnolia

To get rid of pests and protect your home for the long haul, professional treatment is key. Do-it-yourself treatments warrant temporary results, but eventually, pests will come back. With our professional pest control in Magnolia, we can put your mind at ease for good. Our exterminators in Magnolia will: 

  • Conduct a pest inspection to assess your pest problems and identify entry points and high volume areas.
  • Develop and implement the best pest treatment plan possible to rid your home of pests for good.
  • Ensure your home stays pest-free long-term through recurring, scheduled visits that keep pests out.

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Family-Friendly Pest Control Methods

Here at EnviroCon, we offer more than just traditional pest control in Magnolia. As a locally owned pest control company and your neighbors here in Magnolia, your family's safety is our biggest concern! To ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience and services, we offer:

  • Flexible scheduling, along with same and next-day service & 24 hour phones
  • Green, environmentally-friendly treatments that won’t hurt your family or pets
  • Recurring, targeted treatments for long-term elimination and control of pests 
  • FREE re-treatments and service calls if pests persist in between scheduled visits

Home Essential Package™

Most Popular

Treats and protects your home against spiders, roaches, ants, silverfish, and other common household pests. 

Starting at $32 per month!

Home Advantage Package™

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Treats and protects your home with same-day service against common household pests AND termites. 

Starting at $47 per month!

SafeLawn Package™

Most Popular

Our SafeLawn™ package will keep your yard protected from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, AND fire ants year-round!

Starting at $79 per month!

Termite Control in Magnolia

If you’re a homeowner, by now you’ve probably heard all about the dangers of termites. But did you know Texas is one of the top states classified as prone to very heavy termite activity? That means homes in our great Lone Star state have the greatest risk for termite damage. Don’t risk having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on home repairs. Get the right protection in place to avoid damage altogether!

Our termite exterminators in Magnolia know exactly what it takes to defend your home, offering preventative and reactive termite control options at an affordable price.

No-Tent Termite Treatments in Magnolia

Here at EnviroCon, we are passionate about eco-friendly alternatives to controlling pests. We offer no-tent, chemical-free termite treatments in Magnolia that are minimally-invasive to your home and family. This means you won’t at any point have to leave the comfort of your own home or endure heavy fumigants. Using only EPA-approved chemicals, our Magnolia exterminators address termites by:

  • Completing a termite inspection of your home to determine the infestation or risk level.
  • Utilizing family-friendly treatments to treat and protect your home from several termite species.
  • Setting up monitoring stations to make sure your home stays protected for a full year!

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The Best Bed Bug Treatment in Magnolia

Your home is supposed to be the place where you feel most at ease. Unfortunately, if you have a bed bug infestation, you’re probably feeling pretty uncomfortable. The first step to treating bed bugs is to properly identify the problem. The most common signs of bed bugs include:

  • Red, itchy bites on your upper body
  • Blood stains on your sheet
  • A musty, strong odor in your bedroom
  • Exoskeletons of bed bugs on your sheets

Do these symptoms sound familiar? People often get bed bug infestations confused with fleas or mites but remember: bed bugs tend to bite your arms and shoulders, where fleas and other pests bite your ankles and legs. Call EnviroCon today, and our bed bug exterminators can be at your house tomorrow to inspect your home!

All Natural, Chemical-Free Treatments

Who says that getting rid of bed bugs requires dangerous chemicals and fumigants? Here at EnviroCon, we believe in using green, eco-friendly methods that don’t sacrifice results. We are proud to offer family-friendly bed bug treatments in Magnolia that are harsh on the bed bugs, but safe for your children and pets. We utilize both steam and heat treatments which get rid of bed bugs without chemicals and fumigation. What makes steam and heat treatments superior to other methods?

  • They are chemical-free and can penetrate materials and hard to reach areas.
  • They kill all bed bugs in all life cycles - both living & larvae.
  • They can kill all bed bugs in just 24 hours and often with just one treatment.
  • More often than not, you won’t have to replace your furniture or bedding.

What’s more, we’ll provide you with the peace of mind that our Magnolia bed bug treatments are guaranteed. We are so confident in our bed bug services that each and every treatment comes with a six-month guarantee. We promise that your home will be completely bed bug-free, or we will return to re-treat your home free of charge.

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Outdoor Pest Control for Your Yard

The warm seasons are the best seasons of the year here in Texas. Unfortunately, although we have great weather, we also have annoying outdoor pests. Don’t let mosquitoes, fire ants, fleas, or ticks ruin your time outdoors -- let the expert exterminators at EnviroCon provide total control. When you sign up for our outdoor pest control program, our exterminators in Magnolia will:

  • Inspect your yard to identify breeding grounds and problem areas for outdoor pests
  • Utilize misting treatments that target the areas where these pests hide and breed 
  • Return every month to inspect and treat your yard during the warmer months 
  • Reduce the mosquito, flea, tick, and fire ant population in your yard for the long haul 

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We'll Kick Wildlife Animals Out

We don’t only provide the best protection when it comes to pests, termites, bed bugs, and mosquitoes -- we can also help control dangerous wildlife in your home. Whether rodents, squirrels, or opossums have made their way into your home, we can help kick them out. We have the experience, tools, and resources necessary to safely remove wildlife and seal your home to ensure they don’t get back in. Don’t risk unsanitary conditions for your family--let us get rid of them ASAP with our professional wildlife and rodent control in Magnolia.

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