How Hurricane Harvey Has Affected Pest Problems in the Houston Area

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Here at EnviroCon, we remember in great detail the catastrophic flood disaster that hit our great city in late August. From unparalleled rainfall to flash flooding across multiple states, this damaging storm set a new U.S. tropical cyclone rain record. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey was felt all too heavy, and continues to affect homes even months after. But aside from obvious structural damage, how else has Hurricane Harvey affected our area? We’ll tell you.

More Rainfall = More Pests

Heavy rain means lingering floods, and that’s exactly what we’ve experienced here in Southeast Texas since the hurricane almost two months ago. Did you know that more rain equals more pests? An array of different pests thrive in wet, humid environments, so post-storm conditions make for the best convenient breeding grounds for pests like fire ants and mosquitoes. Have you noticed an influx of the following pests in our area?

Keep an Eye Out for Fire Ants

Immediately following the storm, large red clumps of fire ant colonies were seen floating throughout the Houston area. Fire ants strategically linked themselves together to stay afloat, but presented a potential threat to humans and animals that came into contact with them. In order to survive, the fire ants cling together, as if creating a life float, to transport their ant communities to dry, safe land. Extremely disturbed and ready to mass sting, these small creatures can create a potentially dangerous situation due to their painful and harmful bites. If you  have an influx of fire ants around your home, don’t try to kill the colony yourself. When feeling threatened, fire ants will attack. Whatever you do, do not touch them. Give EnviroCon a call and we can safely eliminate them from your home and yard in no time!

Mosquito Populations Have Increased Too

Hurricanes bring intense rain and leave behind many areas of stagnant water, which is the ideal environment for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes create breeding pools within the dirty water, making them a dangerous, health threat both now and in the future.  The best way to combat mosquito populations is to remove stagnant water around your home. You can do this by:

  • Eliminating puddles by filling low areas in with sand, dirt, or plants.
  • Unclogging gutters and downspouts.
  • Emptying water that has collected in children’s toys, planters, pots, pool covers, etc.
  • Discarding all debris, and make sure garbage cans are tightly sealed.
  • Utilizing professional mosquito treatments from experts like EnviroCon.

If you are noticing pest problems after the hurricane, you’re not the only one. Luckily for you, the experts at EnviroCon can help. With decades of experience eliminating pests like fire ants and mosquitoes, we offer the most eco-friendly pest solutions in the Houston area.

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