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The Four Most Common Mice Found in Texas


Mice can leave evidence of their existence long before they’re actually seen. They make scratching sounds behind walls, leave crumbs, chew photographs, and leave droppings near nesting sites or where food has been left out. EnviroCon Pest Control can help you eradicate a mouse infestation safely and effectively in the Houston area.

House Mouse

House mice prefer being outdoors but will venture inside for shelter, water, or food. Five to seven inches in length, they are white, gray, brown, or black, with light-colored underbellies and toes. Mostly nocturnal, they will run around during the day to look for food. Females produce a litter of approximately 4 babies up to 13 times each year. House mice can contaminate food and spread disease.

White-Footed Mouse

These 6.8-inch long mice are cinnamon-gray with dark striations, and have white underbellies and feet. They prefer the woodlands, but are known to nest in or near kitchens when outdoor food sources are low. Females produce an average litter of four, and will have 4-5 litters each year. They only live approximately 18 months but are known carriers of Lyme disease.

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Deer Mouse

Deer mice can be 6.6 inches long. They are brownish-gray with white feet and bi-colored tails. Their prominent ears resemble tiny leaves. They live in deserts, forests, and on open land. They nest on or near the ground in rocks, burrows, or brush piles, but will move indoors for food. The average litter size is four and they reproduce several times a year. Deer mice carry the Hantavirus and Lyme disease.

Field Mouse

Also known as the meadow vole, this eight-inch mouse is gray-brown. It has small eyes and ears, and fat bodies. Field mice nest on the ground and are proliferate reproducers. Where there is one there are likely hundreds. Because they eat leaves and fruit, they can cause great damage to yards, gardens, and fruit trees.

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