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Controlling Flies This Summer

Today, over 120,000 fly species exist. On average, flies live for an average of 21 days while changing form. A household, yard, pasture, or other surrounding areas of infestation often witnesses a variety of fly forms, including maggots and larvae. Summer, in particular, is susceptible to fly swarms.

Common Swarm Locations

Typically, fly swarms occur in unsanitary areas, such as trash cans, dumps, drain disposals and pet feeding rooms. Due to summertime heat, regularly sanitary areas may be subject to rot, mold, or even structural damage. Moisture, too, can facilitate a fly swarm. During hot weather, wet areas are primary locations for fly larvae incubation.

Summertime Fly Species

During summer, houseflies and blowflies are prevalent. Both species can develop in manure, garbage or even in animal waste. While a fly infestation may not be readily recognizable, a large number of blowflies and houseflies can emerge from any mismanaged area. While sanitation of likely breeding sites can prevent a summertime fly swarm, professional assistance is advised.

Professional Assistance and Care

Contact your local professional pest control expert to effectively get rid of flies on your property. EnviroCon Pest Control provides professional pest control in Tomball, Cypress, Spring, and surrounding Greater Houston areas. We will eliminate all flies from your property. Contact us for thorough, safe, and overall high-quality pest control, today.