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Common Types of Rodents in Houston & How to Get Rid of Them

Rats on porch

Everyone knows the uneasy feeling of finding a rodent in your home. These unsanitary creatures are extremely sneaky and reproduce very quickly. And the worst part? Since rodents are nocturnal creatures, you might not even see them as they run around at night. By the time you do see them with your very own eyes, there’s a good chance they’ve already reproduced. And unfortunately, it’s not usually until it becomes a serious issue that you wonder how to get rid of them, and what you could have done to prevent them in the first place.

Most Common Rodents in the Houston Area

Before we get into the best ways to prevent and get rid of rodents, let’s talk about the most common rodents found in the Houston area. Rodents are certainly common to our locale, especially during winter months when these animals are seeking food and warmth. As evidence of our city’s rodent population, Houston landed #20 on the list of Rattiest Cities in America in 2017. Yikes! Here are the most common rodents that frequent homes and businesses here in the Houston area and a description of what they look like:

  • Deer mice: they have short bodies, brown fur, and small ears.
  • House mice: they have even smaller bodies than deer mice, and are typically brown.
  • Roof rats: they are about a foot in length, and have black bodies and long tails.
  • Norwegian rats: these are even larger than roof rats, are typically lighter in color and have shorter tails.

Why Rodents Are Dangerous

Rodents can pose a great threat to your family and pets, as well as the condition of your home. They’re not only cringe-worthy because they’re a wild animal invading your home, but they’re also dangerous. Here’s why: 

  • They spread disease: Rodents spread diseases through their feces, urine, and sometimes even hair that can contaminate your food. When they invade your home, they can also spread bacteria and harmful diseases, like Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and rat-bite fever. Since rodent-borne diseases are serious and even sometimes life-threatening, you certainly don’t want these pests roaming your home freely. 
  • They damage your home: Rodents aren’t only unsanitary and dangerous to your health, but they can also cause structural damage to your home and belongings. These nuisance pests can ruin your furniture, floors, drawers, insulation, and more. They’re also notorious for chewing through wiring, so if you notice electrical problems in your home without reason, they could be the cause.
  • They create a fire risk: If rodents want to chew through your wires, there is nothing stopping them. Because they can easily chew through electrical cords, they pose a serious fire risk. These open wires are not something you want your family or home exposed to!

Easy Ways to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home

  • Seal up holes and cracks in your home’s foundation: Eliminating entry points in your home is the first step in preventing rodent infestations altogether. After all, if they don’t have an easy way to get in, they may never. Mice can enter your home through extremely small spaces -- in openings as small as a dime. Be sure to inspect the perimeter of your home and make sure to seal up holes and cracks where they could possibly get in.
  • Good home sanitation: Keeping your home clean and sanitized is the best way to keep rodents from being drawn to your home over your neighbors. Properly seal your food, keep waste tightly secured with garbage can lids, and make sure to regularly clean crumbs on your counters and floors. Don’t provide free meals for these critters!
  • Ultrasonic sound box: Simply plug into an outlet and repel rodents -- and even roaches and insects! Its ultrasonic waves emit high-frequency sounds. These sounds then attack the tiny auditory and nervous system of the rodents, discouraging them from entering your home. While these sound boxes are not dangerous to the human or pet ear, they are subtle enough to drive rodents out of your home. That’s what we call a win-win!
  • Set mouse traps: If you suspect your home is also home to mice, mouse traps can be a simple and affordable solution for small infestations. Set them along the wall and dispose of the mouse promptly after it’s trapped. Use mouse traps with caution though, because setting out a food source might attract them in more than keeping them out. 

Turn to The Experts for Rodent Removal

If you’re dealing with a full-blown rodent infestation, do-it-yourself methods usually won’t cut it. If you notice a rodent in your home, there’s a good chance there isn’t just one. Let the experts at EnviroCon help keep your home safe with our professional rodent removal services. We’ve been protecting homes in the greater Houston area for decades, and are proud to offer family and eco-friendly treatment options to eliminate rodents once and for all.  We use multiple methods to ensure that our rodent removal services are successful!

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