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Asian Cockroaches

Learn More About Asian Cockroaches

Asian cockroaches are a relatively common cockroach species you might find in your home but you do not have to worry about them actively infiltrating your space. These insects prefer to live outdoors and will only come indoors if they are attracted to something. If there is a large population of Asian roaches in your yard, you may end up with more inside your home. These roaches look identical to German roaches but their habits are completely different. They can be easily differentiated because German roaches do not fly. Although it is unpleasant to find an Asian cockroach in your home, they are not particularly hazardous. In order to eliminate these insects, it is necessary to focus on prevention methods on the exterior of your home.

Pest Identification:
⅕” - ⅙”
Light brown to dark brown color variations, with two parallel lines behind the head on the shield shaped “pronotum.”
Body Structure
Flattened, broad bodies with long antennae and long hind legs. Six legs with tiny sensory hairs. Functioning wings that lie flat on the back. This species is almost identical to the German cockroach species, but generally, the Asian cockroach has longer and more narrow wings.
Strong flyers that typically enter homes by flying through open doors and windows. Attracted to light, often found on tv screens or lampshades. There is little research to determine how these insects relate to the spread of disease, but it is assumed that they come into contact with fungi and other bacteria that you would not want around your home. Breed very quickly and in larger numbers.
Habitat & Behavior
Prefer to live outdoors in shaded and moist areas such as leaf piles, mulch, or compost. May fly into the house because they are attracted to light, uncovered food, pet food, or dirty dishes. This species is dominant so it is typically the only type of roach in an area. Will eat almost anything including food, plants, and waste.
Commonly Active
Early spring through summer, smaller populations in winter months. Most active at dusk and in the evening when lights are turned on. Most commonly found in Asia but have spread throughout much of the Southeastern United States.
Prevention & Treatment
Decrease mulch and plant debris in your yard. Outdoor pesticides can be effective while indoor ones are not as helpful since these pests rarely wander inside. Toxic pelletized baits scattered outdoors have provided the most reliable control against these pests. Be sure a professional identifies what type of cockroach you are dealing with because similar looking roaches require very different treatments. Sodium vapor lamps and yellow incandescent bulbs for outdoor lighting are less attractive to these insects, making them less likely to fly in through doors and windows. Screens on doors and windows are a good option as well.