How to Control Wildlife Animals in Your Home in Tomball, TX

Mouse inside house

From mice and rats to skunks and opossum, wildlife are undeniably present here in Tomball, Texas. Unfortunately, these creatures sometimes exist in your own home as well. Here are some reasons why the neighborhood rodents & co. have decided to move in with you, and tips for preventing your unwelcome visitors.

Easy Entries Provide Wildlife Warmth

Like most creatures, wildlife animals require and are attracted to warmth. As seasons change and warmth is harder to come by, you may find some unwelcome guests attempting entry into your home. If this is happening to you, your newfound roommates may have discovered easy-access entry points to your home. Skunks and opossum, in particular, are known to burrow under decks or into basements in pursuit of living space. Opossums are resourceful and can be found pilfering your trash cans or overturning bird feeders. While they aren’t usually aggressive, they do have 4 clawed toes and 1 opposable toe, making them flexible and potentially dangerous to a non-professional.

Check your home regularly for signs of wildlife infiltration and accessibility. Keep in mind that you may need a professional to find tricky entryways hidden from plain view. You’ve found some open entryways or tempting building fallacies. What next? Try applying mesh coverings, steel screens, or even chimney caps to areas of concern. An augmented barrier can make a huge difference to unwanted entries.

You’ve Got Food, & We’re Hungry

Open or unsealed food products are the root cause of most wildlife infestations at home. Everyone and everything needs to eat - and that’s why your left-open box of cereal or crackers is enough to tell wildlife that you’re welcoming them inside.

Mice are expert freeloaders, even going so far as to eat glue, soap, or frozen food in your home. That’s right--some mice have lived inside commercial walk-in freezers just to get at the food inside. Mice in Tomball, Texas are no different. Don’t be fooled by the common mention of mice as a pest problem. They require specific treatment and eradication measures, especially considering the rate at which mice populate.

Keep an eye out for strange smells, sounds, and rips in food containers. Mice are more likely to be found in areas storing grains, such as a kitchen or pantry.

One common cause of pest affinity is improper garbage disposal. Be careful to check your trash cans and recycle bins for proper closure and proximity to your home. It might be beneficial to keep these bins tightly secured inside a garage or at the far end of a driveway.

Your Nest is My Nest

Believe it or not, those cute squirrels you once saw hanging out on college campuses can easily become the largest wildlife problem in your house. Squirrels are surprisingly adaptable, determined, and vicious if confronted in small spaces. They can easily hop from tree to tree to the top of your house, before attempting to gain access to your attic.

Their sharp teeth and claws make them next to impossible to keep as pets and equip them to make their own entryway into your home. In the winter, squirrels are more likely to nest together and search for an appropriate location to build a nest.

Your attic is the perfect place for it. Keep an eye out for possible squirrel droppings, damaged shingles, and strange odors around the house. Unless you’re a trained professional, remember to never personally apprehend a wild creature.

Don’t Risk It - Let Professionals Help

It can be tempting to try to deal with a wildlife infestation on your own. Most animals are physically small and even appear weak. However, they have the potential to pose a great threat if they feel threatened. You risk damage and pain from claws, teeth, and disease when attempting to remove wildlife yourself. Worse, you may aggravate the animal into damaging more property, possessions, or a loved one.

If the wildlife problem your facing is the common rat or mouse, then instead of going it alone, consider letting EnviroCon take care of your rodent problems. We perform full home evaluations and provide emergency services when you need it most. Our rat removal professionals in Houston are here to ensure that your home “nest” is yours -- and yours alone!

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