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Steve Durham

Steve Durham

Meet the man in charge, our president, Steve! Steve has been in the pest control industry since he started EnviroCon in 1997. Along with more than 15 years of experience, Steve is a board certified entomologist, Certified Applicator, and holds a BS and an MS. Steve sums up his job by saying “I'm sure there's some good presidential-sounding duties but, I focus on everything from strategic planning, to community relations, and financial planning.  As the BCE  I supervise training, protocol development, limited pest control, and act as the chief cook and bottle washer.”  His favorite part about working at EnviroCon has been watching the company grow, helping employees grow, and helping customers solve problems with an eco-friendly approach.

Outside of the office, he catches up on work around the house, gardens and works on his woodworking skills. His favorite hobby is flying, which can probably be traced to his past in the US Air Force where he worked in an electronic warfare office on B-52’s!

Learn how Steve can help make your home bug-free today!