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David Rice

VP and Co-Owner
David Rice

At EnviroCon, there’s no pest problem too tough to handle! To develop a plan for the most involved jobs, EnviroCon relies on David. Raised in Beaumont TX, David learned the value of hard work in the rice fields. He graduated class of ‘81 at Texas A&M, and joined EnviroCon in 2002. David is an Associate Certified Entomologist and co-owner at EnviroCon. He acts as our Vice President, workhorse and problem-solver! Although he does do some services, he’s mostly the guy that goes out to evaluate the tough jobs. As an expert in Formosan Termites, and bed bugs, David is also responsible for training all new technicians in bed bug inspections/sales.

Outside of the office, David’s hobbies include saltwater fishing, hunting, gardening, and maintaining his wide variety of fruit trees!

Let David handle your toughest pest problems today!