Apr 09 2014

Tawny Crazy Ants vs. Fire Ants

In Texas and across the Gulf Coast states fire ants are being displaced by Tawny crazy ants. When fire ants attack, they dab their opponent in venom which is deadly to many other insects. However, crazy ants have a significant advantage.

Tawny crazy ants vs fire ants.

A Tawny crazy ant is exposed to fire ant venom.

Tawny crazy ants secrete an antidote to fire ant venom. When a crazy ant is exposed to fire ant venom it begins to detoxify itself. The ant secretes formic acid from the tip of its abdomen and uses its mandibles to spread the acid on the rest of the body. Crazy ants that are able to finish detoxing have a 98% survival rate.

Tawny crazy ant detoxes fire ant venom.

A Tawny crazy ant secretes an antidote to fire ant venom from its abdomen. It uses the mandibles to spread the antidote.

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