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EnviroCon is the Texas professional service for bed bug removal in the Greater Houston area. Our thermal bed bug eradication process eliminates 100% of bed bug infestations and is environmentally friendly. EnviroCon will eliminate bed bugs in Houston at ALL life stages in your home or business with zero damage to your belongings.

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Do you suspect bed bugs on your property? Bed bugs in Houston are spread easily via clothing, luggage, and other belongings. It’s important to eliminate Houston bed bugs as soon as they’re detected to prevent their spread!

Houston bed bugs removal with Steve Durham

Contact a Bed Bug Expert Right Now

You can contact us 24/7 for bed bug emergencies. We’ll schedule an inspection and treatment as soon as works best for you. It’s very important to eliminate bed bugs at the earliest sign of detection in order to effectively prevent their spread.

Our Bed Bug Extermination Process

Bed bugs Houston infestation

At your earliest convenience, we’ll thoroughly inspect your property and determine whether treatment is necessary, and which treatment option works best for you. A typical EnviroCon bed bug treatment is discreetly performed by our specialized technicians within a couple of hours. When we’re done, bed bugs are toast! Read more about how we exterminate bed bugs.

Exterminate Bed Bugs with Heat

Kill bed bugs with heat.

Research has proven that ALL life stages of bed bugs are eliminated within minutes of exposure to 120 degree temperature and higher. During this bed bug extermination process, our technicians keenly work with sophisticated, professional-grade equipment which hold bed bug eliminating temperatures to an exact degree. This ensures large amounts of bed bugs will be eliminated with zero property damage. More about how we kill bed bugs with heat.

Exterminate Bed Bugs with Steam

Kill Bed Bugs in Houston with Steam

An alternative bed bug killing method is with steam. Steam treatment is a convenient way to kill bed bugs on mattresses, box springs, and other areas not stained by water. This treatment quickly eliminates smaller amounts of bed bugs at ALL life stages, too.

Bed Bugs Prevention

Bed Bug Climb Up Interceptor

We provide ClimbUp Interceptors which prevent any newly introduced bed bugs from climbing up the legs of a bed. Climbup interceptors are placed under each leg of a bed frame, preventing any incoming bed bugs from reaching the bed frame legs, and climbing onto the bed.

We also offer bed bug proof mattress covers and pillowcases to further prevent ANY newly introduced bed bugs from spreading onto your bed.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

Commerical bed bugs removal from apartments.

Do you suspect bed bugs on the job? We provide discreet, dependable, and guaranteed bed bug control for businesses.

Don’t waste time with ineffective and environmentally hazardous chemical treatments. Get same-day extermination on your commercial property today. You won’t have to throw out any of your furniture, and you can resume work the very same day.

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Guaranteed Bed Bug Removal Services

Steve Durham, EnviroCon owner and board certified entomologist, alongside EnviroCon’s thoroughly trained staff, is ready to exterminate all bed bugs on your property. Our thermal remediation process will eliminate 100% of any bed bug infestation.

6 Months Guarantee!

EnviroCon stands behind its thermal bed bug eradication service for 6 months after the initial service performed, guaranteed!

We also provide follow-up inspection services to ensure your property remains free of bed bugs.

Did You Know That We’re GreenPro Certified?

GreenPro Certified

We are GreenPro certified, which demonstrates our commitment to professionalism and service that is environmentally friendly and effective. This certification is earned by less than 1% of pest control companies in the United States.

EnviroCon Bed Bugs Treatment & Extermination Area

EnviroCon provides bed bugs treatment and extermination services to the entire Greater Houston area. There is never a trip charge for customers located anywhere within the Greater Houston area. Some of the Greater Houston communities serviced by EnviroCon include:

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