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Bed Bugs in Houston

EnviroCon is the Texas professional for bed bug removal in Houston & Tomball. A thermal bed bug eradication process eliminates 100% of bed bug infestations and it’s also a clean and green process. EnviroCon will eliminate ALL life stages of bed bugs in your home.

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Bed Bug Treatment

Starting at $699

2 Rooms $899

+ $199/Room

Bed Bug Removal

Remove bed bugs

Steve Durham, owner and board certified entomologist, is ready to exterminate bed bugs. Our thermal remediation process that will eliminate 100% of any bed bug infestation.

Commercial Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs in apartments Discreet, dependable and guaranteed bed bug control for businesses. Don’t waste time with chemical treatments. Get same day extermination with minimal downtime.

6 Months Guarantee!

EnviroCon stands behind its thermal bed bug eradication service for 6 months after the service. Guaranteed!

We also provide inspection services to ensure your home is free of bed bugs.

Kill Bed Bugs with Heat

Kill Houston Bed Bugs with HeatA typical treatment, performed by our skilled technicians, is done with minimal disruption — normally started and completed the same day. Our techs continually monitor the process using infrared and laser equipment verifying remote sensors are holding desired temperatures. Room, home, or building size determines the duration we sustain thorough and uniform heat distribution. Research has proven that ALL life stages of bed bugs are eliminated within minutes of exposure to a temperature of 120 degrees. When we’re done, bed bugs are toast!

Kill Bed Bugs with Steam

Kill Bed Bugs in Houston with SteamAn alternative bed bug killing method is with steam. Steam treatment is a convenient way to kill bed bugs on mattresses, box springs and other areas not stained by water.

Protect Your Bed From Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Climb Up InterceptorWe provide climb up interceptors to prevent bed bugs from climbing up the legs of your bed. Climb-up interceptors are placed under each leg of your bedframe and bed bugs are unable to climb out of these traps and reach the bed-frame legs. When you find the climb up interceptors empty, you know that the infestation has been eradicated.

Also available are bed bug-proof mattress covers and pillowcases to prevent the infestation from spreading.

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Bed Bugs Houston Service Area

EnviroCon bed bugs services include the entire Greater Houston metro area; all areas inside the Beltway and beyond. There is never a trip charge for customers in the Houston region. Some of the specific Houston communities serviced by EnviroCon include:

  • Houston
  • Kingwood
  • Katy
  • The Woodlands
  • Pinehurst
  • Tomball
  • Cypress
  • Magnolia
  • Spring

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The gentleman who services my house is always polite and professional. I have not had any problems with bugs of any kind since I started using Envirocon.
I do recommend you to my friends and neighbors.

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Sincerely, Mrs. John R. Frey (Shirley) – Magnolia, TX

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